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Tall and intimidating I Am Search Man

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Tall and intimidating

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I am waiting for a man that is handsome, clean, educated and may visit Cincinnati on business from time to time.

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So again, a tall person making comments about someone being shorter would be a form of bullying and is why the height double standard exists.

Why tall people feel so intimidating. a surprising explanation.

This is turn means that taller people are at the receiving end of subtle and sometimes not so subtle height related jokes and comments. Stand tall and be proud.

Growing taller does not make someone a better person, more attractive, or more successful. Here is my attempt at listing the top 3. Sometimes it will be that way for me except the other way around.

Why are tall guys intimidating?

Much focus was put upon the stature to make the male seem as if he was bigger than he was. In many ways you are different than others around you, and in some ways you are similar.

Despite there being some disadvantages to being tall I am yet to find a tall person that wishes they were shorter. This is why meeting people that have a larger stature than you will make you feel so intimidated.

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Plus I have this weird habit of not realizing how small I actually am compared to these guys, and I'm only five six. Whether you believe that humans are the same as animals is beside the point. I'm not freakishly tall but taller then most. The reason that taller people are found to be intimidation by so many people is because of a primal recognition of power. Heels were worn and large body plates were put on the chest to create the illusion of larger stature.

I have several tall friends, and one who fits your build almost exactly, except an inch taller. Of course not!

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Consequently, when a person feels intimidated they go on the defensive, and end up making comments or jokes as a coping mechanism. If that makes sense. Since the beginning of time, a males stature was a of power.

Alternatively, a person feeling intimidated by someones height may crack a joke as a way of breaking the ice. Tall people are unique If you live in a country where you are ificantly taller than the average height of the population you will stand out.

All the really tall guys I know are like big teddy bears in temperament, so I don't think anything of it. Being short is not really that unique, unless you are really short i.

3 reasons there is a height double standard!

So, a tall person making comments about the height of a short person will usually be seen as bullying. I have nothing against short people nor am I advocating anyone to start hating on them. An advantage of towering over your peers is the awesome intimmidating that just because you are taller than them you automatically win the intimidation game.

Generally the opposite of this scenario is not true i.

For short people, however, it is often the first thing that is noticed. The fact that there is a primal recognition for stature is something that is engraved into our minds. Unfortunately we live in a world where inrimidating breeds envy. I love tall, built, and strong guys.

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I think there are a of intimieating why this height double standard might be the case. Image credit for double standard cover image : here Image credit for standout umbrella: here Image credit for intimidating dog: here Filed Under: Tall Problems Tagged With: standardstall Trackbacks. Up Now!

I was walking a few times with friends and we passed a window that was really reflective and I definitely stood out. Like who you are, and be proud of your stature.

Do girls see tall or big guys as intimidating?

Like even though I know how tall they are, I don't infimidating it. Does this mean that short people are sensitive and cannot handle any criticism?

I like skinny guys but I prefer the broad shouldered tall ones. June 13, On any standard day people are obsessed with height. From The Blog. If you are happy with yourself, and know that your height is influenced mostly by genetics, you can learn to accept yourself as you are. But Ingimidating not. In the animal kingdom, there exist hierarchies.