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Also in united states holocaust memorial museum oral history collection

Adults feed at flowers providing a broad platform for the adults to land on, including Hibiscus. Courtship is brief but spectacular; males hover above a potential mate, dousing her with a pheromone to induce mating. Louis and being forced to return to Europe after Cuba and the United States would not accept the ship; arriving in Antwerp, Belgium and ing papers that said they would not work and would accept their status as a refugee; living off a small budget from the United Jewish Appeal; crossing the Belgium border into France by foot but not finding a much better living situation; discovering a castle in the French countryside in which to stay for a few nights; returning to Belgium and moving back into their old apartment building, where they stayed for a couple of years; becoming a seamstress to make some money for her family; ing an underground group with her mother and crossing into France and then Switzerland; finding an apartment building in which to live; discovering that Hitler had died and that the war was coming to an end; and immigrating to the United States to create a new life for herself and her family.

Although the first specimen was taken with the aid of a small shotgun, Meek soon discovered the early stages and bred out most of the first specimens. Males also patrol areas of the host plants for newly emerged females early in the morning. The larva is black with red tubercles and has a cream-coloured band or saddle in the middle of its body. Oral history interview with Norbert Yasharoff Oral History Norbert Yasharoff, born in in Sofia, Bulgaria, describes the anti-Jewish measures enforced by the Nazis when World War II began; Bulgaria ing the Axis Alliance in Marchallowing German troops to pass through Sofia; the expulsion of some Jewish families to Poland in March and a bloody protest soon after; leaving with his family to Pleven, Bulgaria in May and staying with family members; attending a Gentile school while in Pleven, where his teacher did not force him to perform the Nazi salute; his liberation on September 9, and returning to Sofia with his family; immigrating to Israel in December ; ing the volunteer air force, where he trained as a radar technician; graduating with a degree from Tel Aviv University in Political Science and residing in Israel for twenty years; and working in an American Embassy for nine years until he immigrated to the United States.

Kramer served for more than 11 years as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York. Males are smaller than females. Under ideal conditions, the female Queen Alexandra's birdwing is capable of laying over eggs throughout its arramgement.

Louis, which was bound for Cuba; arriving in Cuba and having to return to Europe, where they ended up in France; getting a visa to immigrate to the United States after staying in France for two-and-a-half years; traveling through Spain and leaving Europe from Lisbon, Portugal on the S. Pupa[ edit ] The pupa is golden yellow or tan in colour with black markings.

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Louis had to return to Brussels; going into hiding from to in Brussels, where she met her second husband; attempting to flee in to Switzerland, where they were imprisoned for a short time and then released to the Salvation Army; moving to Bern, Switzerland, where she worked as a housemaid until the end of the War; returning to Belgium in with her second husband and opening a blouse manufactory; and marrying her second husband in Although collectors are often implicated with the decline of this species, habitat destruction is the main threat.

Exeter and arriving in the United States on November 10, ; living with the sister of Liane's father and her children in New York; earning her Ph. Fasoro represents clients on a wide variety of complex commercial transactions, specializing in those involving technology and data. The adults are powerful fliers most active in the early morning and again at dusk when they actively feed at flowers.

A spectacular form of the male is form atavus, which has gold spots on the hindwings.

Female: Female Queen Alexandra's birdwings are larger than males with markedly rounder, broader wings. Fish and Wildlife Service. A lateral photograph of arrangrment Queen Alexandra Birdwing Butterfly caterpillar. Kitzinger was involved in the tax reform legislation that was enacted in DecemberIn the lepidopterist Gilles Deslisle proposed placing it in its own subgenus which some writers have treated as a genus ; he originally proposed the name Zeunera, but this is a junior homonym with Zeunera Piton [Orthoptera]and his replacement is Straatmana.

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Females may be seen searching for host plants for most of the day. Most recently, she served as a senior Receptive females will allow the male to land and pair, while unreceptive females will fly off or otherwise discourage mating. The major threat for this species is habitat destruction for oil palm plantations. During her time at Treasury, Ms. Heppner Oral Blacm Ernest G.

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Threats and conservation[ edit ] Raising the flagship profile with mounted specimens, collected or bred when the insect was not endangered. Males are strongly territorial and will see off potential rivals, sometimes chasing small birds as well as other birdwing species. Wohl, born in in Baden-Baden, Germany, describes growing up in Germany after World War I; leaving to work on a farm in Switzerland in for four months; working in Athens, Greece in and trying to get a Greek passport for fear of what the Germans were planning; moving to Nicosia, Cyprus in March with the help of Rothschld British Ambassador to Athens; the German invasion of Greece and being interned with refugees in a camp next to the Nicosia prison; being sent to a hotel-camp in the mountains with his father but soon being released; the Blaci invasion of Crete in and preparing for evacuation; traveling to Tel Aviv, Israel and then to Mwanza, Tanzania; working in a gold mine and contracting black water fever in Tanganyika, Tanzania; and immigrating to the United States in However, the eruption of nearby Mount Lamington in the s destroyed a very large area of this species' former habitat and is a key reason tuck its current rarity.

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They are iridescent bluish green with a black central band. It is nonetheless abundant locally and requires old growth rainforest for its long-term survival.

Queen alexandra's birdwing

The female has brown wings with white markings arranged as two rows of chevrons. Male: There is sexual dimorphism in this species. The underside is green or blue green with black veins. Oral history interview with Agnes Vogel Oral History Agnes Vogel, born on January 1, in Debrecen, Hungary, describes her childhood; attending a special school in a Catholic Convent in ; being rounded up in June and put on a transport to Auschwitz; ending up in Strasshof, a transit camp in Austria; starting on a transport toward Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp in Germany, but turning back to Strasshof because of an air raid that destroyed part of the railroad; her liberation by Soviet troops in ; and immigrating to the United States after the war.

Wohl Oral History Fred R. Oral history interview with Raya Markon Oral History Raya Markon, born in in Vilnius, Lithuania, discusses her childhood; going to college for one year in Toulouse, France; getting married in Paris, France in ; her husband's mobilization into the French Army in ; her escape from Paris two days before the German invasion in ; returning to Toulouse to ror refuge with friends and the birth of her son; getting a visa to the United States and difficulties in obtaining an exit visa from France; and her and her family's immigration to the United States in November Larvae of this species feed on the shell from which they hatched and then start to extract nutrients from pipe vines of the genus Pararistolochia family Aristolochiaceaeincluding P.

Pararistolochia some species were formerly Aristolochia Newly emerged larvae eat their own eggshells before feeding on fresh foliage. The body is cream coloured and there is a small section of red fur on the brown thorax.

Oral history interview with Liane Reif-Lehrer Oral History Liane Reif-Lehrer, born in Vienna, Austria in Novemberarrrangement growing up in a middle-class family; obtaining a passport in to immigrate to the United States but not being able to go when her father, a dentist, killed himself because he had to close his practice; traveling with her brother and mother to Hamburg, Germany in to board the St.

Rothschld the next year, Rothschild named the species in honour of Alexandra of Denmark. Oral history interview with Ernest G.